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Rony's Ice Cream

a beloved treat that's been part of Alexandria's sweet history since 1962

Is a tasty tradition in the heart of Alexandria. Let's dive into the delicious story of Rony's Ice Cream, where every scoop is a nostalgic journey through the city's culinary heritage. Rony's Ice Cream has even made appearances in popular culture, including the iconic ice cream scene in "Icecream Fe Gleem," where Amr Diab is the hero. Join me on a journey through the flavors and memories that make Rony's special.
Years of Experience

The Story of Rony

Rony’s Ice Cream started with my family and has been a local favorite for a long time. We’re all about keeping the tasty traditions alive and celebrating the unique vibes of Alexandria.

Classic Meets New

At Rony’s, we love the classics, but we also like to try new things. Our ice cream brings together the old-time favorites and some fresh, exciting flavors, making it a treat for everyone. Plus, we offer customized flavors, ensuring every scoop is tailored to your taste buds.

More Than Just Ice Cream

Rony’s Ice Cream has been delighting Alexandria since 1962, with Mr. Moemen now leading as the third generation. Our commitment to quality and tradition has never wavered. Join us on a journey through flavors and memories that make Rony’s a beloved Alexandria tradition.


Rony’s Ice Cream preserves Alexandria’s culinary heritage, crafting unforgettable experiences for over 32 years. Each scoop tells a story of nostalgia and flavor, inviting our community to savor life’s sweet moments. Additionally, we offer consultation and training to develop recipes, helping F&B establishments elevate their offerings.


At Rony’s Ice Cream, we’re more than just a treat—we’re custodians of Alexandria’s history and architects of joy. We aim to be the cornerstone of cherished memories, ensuring Rony’s remains a beloved landmark in the hearts of Alexandrians for generations. As top players and game changers in the F&B market, we strive to lead by example and inspire others to reach new heights.


Culinary Legacy: We honor Alexandria’s culinary heritage with every scoop, infusing timeless flavors and traditions into our creations. Through consultation and training, we share our expertise to preserve and promote culinary excellence.
Innovative Flavors: Our ice cream reflects Alexandria’s vibrant tapestry, offering classic favorites and bold, experimental tastes. By pushing the boundaries of flavor, we inspire creativity and excitement in the F&B industry.
Memorable Moments: Ice cream is a catalyst for connection and celebration. We’re honored to be part of our customers’ special occasions, adding sweetness to their lives with each scoop. With our guidance, F&B establishments can create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression on their guests.


Discover a world of flavors at Rony's Ice Cream Shop. From timeless classics to exciting innovations, treat yourself to the sweet taste of Alexandria.


Sweeten your events with Rony's Ice Cream Catering. Whether it's a birthday, wedding, or corporate gathering, make every moment memorable.

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Special Events

Invite Rony's Ice Cream to your special occasions. From festivals to community gatherings, let our ice cream bring smiles and sweetness to your celebrations.

The perfect blend of summer and fun

A delightful fusion of summer vibes and pure enjoyment, creating the perfect blend of sunshine, laughter, and carefree moments.

Why Choose Us

Culinary Legacy

Rooted in generations of culinary tradition, we bring a rich heritage to every scoop.

Innovative Flavors

Experience the perfect blend of classic favorites and exciting new tastes with our innovative ice cream creations.

Memorable Moments

Elevate your events and celebrations with Rony's Ice Cream, adding sweetness and joy to every occasion.


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